Boats & Brett Fingerhut

Brett FingerhutBrett Fingerhut is skilled at assessing financial news and balancing them with his goals.  As a financial advisor, he works with clients in this way every day.  He considers a client’s long term goals, sensitivity to risk, and investment horizon in order to best serve their needs.

This can be helpful with difficult decisions regarding financial transactions, but also with practical, real life questions. Like, ‘should I buy a boat?’

Brett Fingerhut grew up on the Great Lakes of Michigan, where he fondly remembers spending summer holidays on his father’s large sailboat. Sometimes wakeboarding, sometimes assembled in the water with the local community of boat owners to watch a private fireworks display. Those displays were always followed by heading back to the marina for a block party of sorts. There was something about that culture that Brett latched onto.

Enjoying the occasional ride on a yacht, he much prefers sailing. The experience, the activity, the action are all more sporting than simply sitting back and letting the boat do the work. He enjoys wakeboarding, skiing, and all the other recreation having a boat entails.

Brett would like to own a boat. For him, it would be more than a status symbol. And as a financial advisor, he’s not likely to pursue the idea on a lark. Now in Miami, working with a local financial firm, Brett has a set of goals for himself over the next ten years that don’t include enjoying the luxury of a boat at this moment. At least…not his own boat.

As one might expect, Miami has a major boat culture. Living by the water, people just know about boats. And many of Brett’s friends own boats. And this is how he keeps his desire at bay. Enjoying a drink while spending a relaxing few hours on the boat of a friend, watching the skyline of Miami in the distance, Brett has found an outlet for his desire to own a boat. And now he is able to maintain his larger life goals.

Are there large ticket items you’re considering? Sometimes to be smart with our money, we need to determine which aspirations are essential, and which we might be able to satisfy via other outlets.

Brett Fingerhut is an Associate Advisor for Investor Solutions in Miami, Florida.

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